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At TranslationWorks.eu our partners and clients are sure of getting 100% satisfaction in our Portuguese translation services.

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Based on how complex your project is, please select one of the packages below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hrs with the best offer.


from £006word
  • Certificates, diplomas, grades
  • Study, employment and professional references, business correspondence and personal letters
  • Non-standard civil registration documents, address confirmation or other civil documents
  • Personal information forms
  • Company registration certificates for individuals or legal entities
  • Custom references (packing lists, certificates of origin, invoices, etc.)


from £009word
  • Product data from labels, manuals & other technical texts
  • Reviews, audits, standard agreements with no complex legal terms
  • Legal agreements containing technical and financial data
  • Articles of incorporation and company statutes, court documents
  • Standard printed or written legible medical documents
  • Financial documents, tax reviews, balances, audit conclusion


from £012word
  • Complex medical papers, references with illegible handwriting
  • Information on organisations or companies, product information to be used online
  • Theses or scientific articles and other similar works
  • Religious, cultural, philosophical and other literary texts
  • Other specialised texts in industries like chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics etc.
  • Complex audits, specific texts and user or maintenance manuals

NOTE: Prices are approximate. We will tell you what the exact cost of your project will be after a thorough analysis of your files. Revision services available on request. Discounts available for large volumes. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

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Where do you go to when you need excellent Portuguese translation services? Do you make a random search on the internet or do you settle for just about anyone to provide you with superb Portuguese translation in Birmingham and Bristol? If you have been doing any of these then you should know that TranslationWorks.eu can take away all your worries for professional Portuguese translation services.

At TranslationWorks.eu we have been rendering excellent English to Portuguese translation in Birmingham and Liverpool and all over the world to very satisfied clients and partners for several years. And because we are always available 24/7 to render excellent and professional Portuguese translation services in London our clients and partners continue to come back to us.

What makes us at TranlationWorks.eu distinct from other Portuguese translation services is the fact that we not only have a network of native-tongue Portuguese translators we work with, but we are always fast and keep to all client deadlines for their projects. In addition to offering Portuguese translation services we also provide Portuguese transcription for any interviews, audios, and videos that you may have.

At TranslationWorks.eu we believe in the utmost satisfaction of our clients and partners. This is why we never leave any stone unturned in rendering our Portuguese translation services. So if you need top quality Portuguese translation in Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Edinburgh and Leicester or excellent Portuguese transcription then contact us today.